Get rid of cockroach infestation in the house the easier way!

Cockroaches are very common insects seen in most homes. They can tolerate environment of all kinds. They contain poison that is not good for health, even causing deaths. The cockroach control service must be hired as it uses natural pesticide sprays for keeping your home free from them. They are irritating of course, and if not eradicated properly, they can cause different types of peculiar diseases that are not at all good for health!

cockroach control

If you think that your house is viciously infected with cockroaches then you can summon the professionals in New Zealand, who can get rid of them totally. They are as effective as they know the treatments of eradicating all kind of cockroaches scientifically. They are very skilled professionals and are registered. They help you to live healthier as infections caused by cockroaches damages the lovely furniture of your house, besides damaging your health.

Methods by which cockroaches can be controlled

  • Cleaning of your house again and again for making it dusts free.
  • Sealing up of the cracks and holes in the house so that cockroaches cannot re-enter.
  • It must be a necessity to fix up any kind of water leaks.
  • Making of natural cockroach bait.
  • Keeping the non-frequented places of the house cool.
  • Totally kill it, rather than only eradicating.

These simple methods must be implemented and other methods like oil entrance breaker and traps for preventing cockroaches from entering your home.

Needs of choosing pest control service

  • They take proper care of the house while using chemicals.
  • Children are not affected as they are looked after.
  • Gets rid of any foul smell emission after pest control is conducted.
  • They have a professional approach in what they are doing.
  • The pest control service uses harmful techniques to get rid of these pests.
  • There is less or no chance at all for recurrences.

If you think that your house is infected with pests mainly Cockroaches and you are looking for an immediate remedy for getting rid of them, then we can provide you the details of the best company. “Pest Control Service Wellington”, has the vision of keeping your home safe from all kind of pests, specializing in cockroach control. They are a trusted company, serving for many years. They inspect courteously, with professionalism that is free and prompt. They are always at your service, ensuring that the pests cannot re-enter your home.  They have skilled and trained staffs who provides with a professional estimate. For availing their service, get in touch with them at


A guide for the most effective borer treatment

In Wellington, numerous homeowners are spending a huge sum of money for repairing wooden elements. The borers are severely damaging the precious elements by weakening the structure. They are in need of an effective borer treatment. If you are in search of a permanent solution for getting rid of the borers, this is the right place. Read the following pages to gain details on the treatment.

borer treatment

The visible signs to check prior to borer treatment

You can only search for a solution if you know the cause behind it. Prior to jumping to a conclusion get assured over the invasion of the borer in the property. Here are some of the common signs developed by the insects:

  • Have a regular check on the wooden elements for visibility of eggs
  • Frass or bore dust mainly found below the infested wood being developed by the adult beetles
  • Severely damaged wooden artefacts having bores on it
  • Woods crumbling out of the edges of the element
  • Traces of tunnels being developed inside the wooden elements

Why calling the professionals is considered the best method?

The tiny insects might not make you freak out, but their presence in the house can make you suffer losses. Hence, the best solution is to call in the professionals of the field for evacuating these insects. If you are wondering about other borer treatment, they can only provide a temporary relief for a few days. On the contrary, the professionals have years of experience in the field and they have loads of information about the insects. Their knowledge and the use of modern technology assure that you get a permanent solution.

The pest control agency property owners must visit

borer treatment1In the recent years, a number of pest control agencies have opened their centres in Wellington. The service of these agencies can secure you from suffering major losses in the future. However, hiring the service of an established agency is much better than the newbies. One of the trusted and well-established agencies are ‘Pest Control Services Wellington’. It is a locally owned and operated service provider that provides borer treatment in Wellington and surrounding areas.

The professionals of the company are highly experienced and skilled. Hence, you can be better assured of the quality of service. For knowing about their services, log on to They also render varied services whose information can be found on articles posted online.

Quick solutions for getting rid of different types of wasps

Wasps are nowadays a common problem for almost every homeowner in the entire world. These pests have a vicious sting that is very painful and can also have serious health consequences. Moreover, a wasp’s venom can cause serious, sometimes fatal reactions. So, as soon as these are spotted anywhere around your home, it is very important to get rid of them quickly. This is the reason why wasp control in Wellington is so important to the house owners.

wasp_control Wellington.jpg

Type of wasps 

Before start about wasp control, let’s quickly discuss the different kinds of wasp you may encounter in your home-

  • Paper Wasps- The paper wasp is the least harmful wasp that is usually do not sting. Moreover, their nests are built in a unique way as they don’t have an outer shell looks like most of the bee and wasp nests.

Paper wasps are generally classified as pests only when they built a nest in an area which is densely populated by humans. The best way to get rid of paper wasp is to apply the spray of wasp killer direct on the nest to kill the entire bulk in one time. 

  • Hornets- Hornets can easily be recognized because of their large structure and they are very imposing. In fact, the bald-faced hornets are the most fearsome looking wasp that lives in large aerial nests. One of the best times to encounter the bald-faced hornet is between dusk and dawn.

Besides, a pressurized wasp killer can also be an effective method to deal with this type of hornets. But it is also true that hornets are not typically as aggressive as yellow jackets.

  • Yellow Jackets- These wasps are quite territorial and aggressive more and can easily be identified by their thick waists and bright yellow patterns. Moreover, their sting is mildly poisonous and burns a lot. So, the best way to get rid of yellow jackets is to apply enough poison into the nest to counter the wasps’ poison.

The best way to control wasp 

When wasps are seriously needed to be eliminated, the best and safest option is always to call for professional help. They know various methods of trapping to the pesticide that will surely very useful for controlling waspsIn fact, they have right equipment and chemicals to do the job in a perfect way so that you can get relief permanently.

wasp_control in Wellington

Especially if you have wasp allergies, it is always recommended to seek for professional help to eliminate all kinds of wasps. And if you are now searching for a reputed service, contact Pest Control Services Wellington immediately for wasp control in Wellington. Still, if have any confusion, visit the site to grab more information. Get in touch with them to know what kind of services they use to provide.

Get permanent relief from rodent irritation through professionals

Different types of pest infestation in the house isn’t something new and uncommon to the house owners. But, the fact is that, if proper actions are not taken at the right moment, this could lead to mental trauma. The worst case scenario is the rodent attack in the house. They literally attack everything in your house and to get rid of that, you must hire rodent control service in your house.

Rodent control service

Importance of controlling rodent 

Rodents are one of the peskiest animals, in fact, they leave bacteria that can cause several diseases such as typhoid fever, leptospirosis, and even rodent-bite fever. In fact, rodents spread disease through numerous ways like their hair, their droppings or their urine. Even, if food or water is not covered for a long time, it can also cause food poisoning.

Moreover, if you own a rental property or engage with a business establishment, the sight of rodent will most likely drive your potential and existing customers away. Especially, for a business purpose, controlling or eliminating these dangerous pests permanently from your office is the prime reason of importance.

Apart from that, rodents are quite destructive in many other ways. Like as they not only dig holes in your cabinets or hide inside the hole of the gutter, but their droppings or urine can also affect the inside of your home.

Anyway, with all these frustration issues that rodents can cause, it is very important for you if you are just not taking them for granted.  If once you can see that rodents are running inside your home, hiring a professional rodent control company to get rid of rats permanently can definitely save you from all possible dangers that can cause later also.

After all, it is commonly known that only reputable and experienced pest control companies can give you permanent solution in solving this problem. Through the efficient and pest control technicians, it is no doubt that you can easily get permanent relief from rodent issues in your home.  Most importantly is that you don’t need to be worried about decomposing of rodents that create a strong foul smell if you hiring professionals because of most of the professional pest control companies know it very well that how should they handle this job for you.

the best Rodent control

If you really think so that you need an expert rodent control service that can save you from rodent frustration and able to make you for peaceful sleep, Pest Control Services Wellington can be the best option for you to whom you can contact through  If you don’t believe by words, just hire them once. Then you can easily understand why they are best in this respective field.  Contact them as soon as possible.

Wellington pest management – Helping us prevent pest infestation!

The houses are the place where we reside and so we must be sure that they are free of pests. The pests are insects which can be found at your home campus. They are very dangerous as they can destroy every belonging of the house by chewing them with their teeth. They also cause various diseases and is a real nuisance. They are so cunning that they are not been able to be traced properly as they can hide anywhere they wish within your home, so getting rid of them is a tedious job. Due to this, Wellington pest management has been helping to get rid of these kinds of pests. The experts are qualified and trained and they are able to control pests naturally.

wellington pest management.jpg

The services do their work in a very sophisticated manner helping in getting rid of harmful pests. All kinds of services is provided by them as various pests need various types of removal techniques. Wellington pest management helps in naturally getting rid of pests from your home so that you and your family can live in peace. They don’t use any harmful chemicals and they mainly use heat treatment process that is a natural way of removing these pests. Their service not only ends there as they also do pest proofing, modification of location and helps in removing the animal droppings.

Some steps taken to decrease the entry of pests that spreads germs

  • All utensils must be cleaned after a meal. The wastes must be in the dustbin.
  • The food scraps should be tightly wrapped before putting them in the bin.
  • Cleaning of floors, bedrooms, cupboards on a regular basis.
  • Food kept in containers that are tight fitted.
  • Using toilet paper.
  • Sealing of septic tanks
  • Sealing the gaps and holes of the house

If these measures can be implemented then there will be much less chance of pests to enter your home.

If you find that your house is infected by pests and you need to find a company that will help you in getting rid of them then we can provide you with the details of the best company. “Pest Control Services Wellington “, is the most reputed company and is certified.  They are providing this service for several years. They are expert to get rid of any kind of pests very effectively and safely. The professionals are very skilled and friendly helping you to complete your work on time. For any relevant issue contact them at

Take the smart approach of choosing pest control for relief!

Unfortunately, pests are now seen everywhere in the home, either on the lookout for new places to nest or new sources of food. Pests like carpenter ants, bed bugs, wasp or bee are more frustrating and destructive creatures for health. Some other pesky insects like cockroaches carry harmful bacteria like E Coli that infects our food so that we and our family members became sick. Spider is such a harmful insect that cause several allergic reactions and help us to land in the hospital emergency room.

If you are also suffering the problem with this type of all dangerous pests above mentioned, you must need an expert in pest control. Porirua is such a place where the numbers of houses that are infested with one or the other type of pests is increasing. So, they have opted for a professional pest control provider to get permanent relief from pest phobia.


There has a wide variety of professional pest control in Porirua. So, if you are intelligent enough, you can easily understand why you need to choose a professional instead of trying to handle the job on your own. Still, there have any confusion, this article for you which may take 15-20 minutes from your valuable time but it will surely help you to realize that why you need a professional who can help you for peaceful sleeping at night. In fact, if you really want to protect your home, as well as your family, a reliable pest control service is certainly a smart choice.

So, now let’s start.  Here are some positive reasons for hiring a professional pest control provider.

  • The true fact is that protecting your home from invaders means you will want the best protection. If you hire a professional service provider, they will be sure to set up plans that are very specific to your needs. Apart from that the most important thing that they will take into consideration the size of your home, long-term prevention and the level of infestation.
  • An expert pest control provider knows how he has to apply his products that can work properly and where to put them in a home. There have now many pest control companies in Porirua who utilize their products and know very well which chemicals are safe for the home and environment.
  • Many times, it is seen that many homeowners use wrong methods to kill pests. But ineffective methods of elimination may just scatter the pests and they may come back to the house causing more damage. A professional service provider has knowledge of the most effective methods to eliminate different types of pests and you are warranted to get rid of such irritating pests in your home.


It is true that when you are choosing the professional pest control in Porirua, you will surely be able to keep your home pest free and your family safe. And fortunately, if you choose Pest Control Services Wellington, just relax because you have chosen appropriate pest control services who are highly experienced and know very well how to execute the projects like pest control in a proper way. Get in touch with them through and grab all the services in details they use to provide.

This is where you can get the best ant control in Wellington

Ants, though small in structure, can be very harmful as they carry bacteria with them that can get into your body from food or any kind of wound. Some species of ants carry many diseases like E-coli, Shigella, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Salmonella which can be very harmful to your health. If the health issue is not a factor for you still you won’t like ants to crawl on your furnished things or food. Ant control in Wellington uses natural pesticide sprays to keep your home free of ants.

ant control.jpg

In case, your house is infected with a lot of ants, you can summon the Ant control in Wellington service to get rid of them. They know the exact species of ants and so can deal with the treatment scientifically. They are registered and are very skilled in their profession. The infections caused by ants can damage both your health and the furniture of your home.

Methods to get rid of the harmful ants

  • Use of Vinegar – White Vinegar is used to block all the path and entrances. It helps in disrupting their scent trails making it even harder for them in creeping back to the source of food that they are on the lookout for.
  • Drawing of a line – A line is drawn with the help of a chalk that makes the ants stumble on it and get covered fully with it. Materials used in the chalks like talcum powder can kill them.
  • Plot and food removal – Once you clean up the scent trails of the ants and seal the foods tightly along with sealing the entrances there is a chance that the ants won’t come back marching into your house again.

These simple methods or any other methods like oil entrance breaker and ant balls can be used to prevent ants from entering your house.

ant control wellington

 If you think that your house is infected with ants or there is a probability of it to occur then we can give the details that are providing this service for a long-time period. “Pest Control Services Wellington “, is a locally operated and owned business solving pest related issues of the customers. They are very dependable in Wellington and its surrounding areas controlling pests for both commercial and domestic premises. They are vastly experienced and therefore you can be assured of getting superior quality of work every time. They help in providing best and up-to-date quality of pest control service at a very nominal cost. Don’t hesitate and contact them urgently at